NSW Warriewood

Warriewood Square (near Food Court) – Warriewood Square Shopping Centre, Jackson Rd, Warriewood NSW 2102

Overall: Average. Nappy change, feed, rest, play.

Good Points: Easy to find, well sign posted. Two sinks. Microwave. Toilet with locking door. Wall mounted fold out change table. Comfy couch and arm chairs. Wall mounted activity centres for the kids. Push button auto-slide door.

Bad Points: Very dirty carpets in the main feeding area. No privacy for feeding. Private nappy change cubicle, which should be for feeding instead. 

A review from one of our lovely contributors (thank you!). This is the better of the two Parent Rooms at Warriewood Square. It has some flaws, but it’s definitely loads better than the one behind Woolworths.

What makes this one better? Firstly, it’s easy to find. Yep, it passes the first test on being able to find it in the first place. As we know from experience, some shopping centres seem to prefer keeping their Parent Room facilities a secret and don’t have any signage telling you where to find them.
This one is located down the hallway between Flight Centre and a clothing store (near the Food Court). Just follow the signs to find it.

The next promising feature is the push-button auto-slide door to the Parent Room. This makes getting in and out of the Parent Room a breeze. No need to chock the door open with your body as you wheel the pram in. Love auto doors on Parent Rooms.

Inside the Parent Room, it’s a bit ho hum. The centre directory would like you to think there’s a private feeding area, but there isn’t. Instead there’s a main room with a couch and couple of armchairs where you can rest, feed, and let the kids play. But there’s no privacy at all. 

Now you’ll find this funny. Check out the photos above and you’ll see there’s a curtained cubicle containing a change table. Yep, I think the creators of this room were confused about what parents actually need and created a private nappy change area instead of a private feeding area. Seriously, this cubicle would be of more use if it had an armchair in it instead of a change table. There’s a nappy bin in here too.

The Parent Room also has toilets in it, with a locking door. Big plus. During this visit, the toilet was occupied so we couldn’t check if it had both adult and child size toilets or just one. Hopefully we’ll be able to confirm this either way very soon.

There is a microwave, which is always a plus. And two sinks, although only one of them has a soap dispenser. 
Basically, it’s a very average Parent Room which needs some rethinking in terms of design. Make the private nappy change cubicle a private feeding cubicle!!!!!!! Makes much more sense and I’m sure the parents who use it would appreciate the change.