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Wenty Leagues Has A Revamped Parent Room!

Big thanks to Adrian Cook for sending in these photos!!!

Overall: Really good. Nappy change, rest, feed, play.

Good Points: It’s new!! Easy to find, well sign posted. Near the new indoor playground. Feeding and change room is separate from the toilets. Door to feeding/change room locks from the inside. Clean and working microwave. Sink, soap and paper towel. Nappy change bay built into bench. Nappy disposal bin. A couple of chairs. Powerpoints in the feeding/change room. Completely separate room for toilets. Adult and child size toilets. Adult and child size sinks. Extra fold out change table in the toilets.

Bad Points: Doorway may be a bit narrow for double prams. One sink in the nappy change/feeding room. One toilet paper unit for the two toilets.

Wenty Leagues has really stepped up in the facilities available for families with small children.

The previously all-outdoor, semi-covered play area has been revamped. There’s now a HUGE indoor, playground complete with computer game terminals, gigantic slides, climbing equipment and loads more. It’s awesome!

To match this tops-as playground is the newly renovated parent room. The previous one was, well, just a change table in the disabled bathroom. It was clean and functional, but nothing like what’s available now.

The parent room is on the same floor as the playground, just near the bistro and lifts. Follow the signs around the little hallway and the parent room is at the end of it. For double prams, the hallway and the corner could be a little tricky but then again it might be ok. It just doesn’t look overly wide.

The parent room is small and cosy, but brand new and very clean. It’s very quiet too! My favourite feature is that you can lock the door from the inside, meaning you really can feed in private. I love that! The parent room has a single change bay built into the bench. There are a couple of chairs in here, which you can use for feeding. They’re not all that comfy, but they’re not plastic bbq chairs either, so you can kind of get past it. There is a sink built into the bench, plus soap, paper towel and nappy disposal bin all within reach of the change bench. The microwave is clean and working (yay!!) and for those who need powerpoints for expressing, there is a set at the far end of the room against the wall. This room really is well equipped, with the essentials you need to look after the needs of your baby.

Now for bigger kids, ones who are using the toilet but aren’t old enough to go on their own,   there is a separate room down the hallway (on the right as you enter). It’s lockable from the inside and has room enough for a pram. There’s an adult size and child size toilets, with matching sinks. The only real downside is there’s just one toilet paper dispenser for both toilets. It can be a little tough for little arms to reach. Other than that, it’s really clean, in great condition, and doesn’t smell!

Oh!!! I nearly forgot. There is also a fold out baby change table inside the toilet room. Yay!!! This is a fabulous addition, that comes in handy when the feeding/baby change room is occupied. While you obviously aren’t going to feed your baby in the toilet, you can change them in here when the other change room is in use.

Wenty Leagues really have done some good work in making the club more family friendly. A great place to take the kids on a rainy day, or any other day when you want to get the kids to burn off steam but don’t want to have walk around the shops all day.

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Tucked RIGHT down the bottom on LG2 near the post boxes, this room was interesting to find, and I'm thankful that I found this one without child in tow. The room was reasonably good once I found it. These photo's were taken some time back, so I hope that by now the children's play-panel has been reattached.
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Another Stockland success!