Westfield Burwood – Greater Union, Ground Floor, Victoria Street Burwood NSW

Reviewed by C

Overall: Basic stand alone room with dated fitout. At least it is quiet. Nappy change, feed, rest.

Good Points: It’s a stand alone room, which was surprising. Baby change bench. Two sinks, one next to the change bench. Paper towel and soap dispenser within hands reach of the change bench.

Bad points: Nappy bin against the wall on the opposite side of the room – fine if you want to practice your aim shooting hoops. A single chair for feeding – not comfortable or practical. 

The entry to the Parent Room

This is another great shopping centre in terms of catering for kids. There’s Parent Rooms on most floors, some having more than one. And a few indoor playgrounds too! It’s rare to find a cinema with a stand alone Parent Room, so when I saw Greater Union at Burwood had one we had definitely had to check it out.
Just follow the signs for the toilets, follow the narrow hallway around until you see the door with the above Parent Room sign.

Lots of room

The room is pretty big. Can definitely fit a few prams in here but can only change one baby at a time. There’s just one change bench. Two sinks, which is good to see – one for use after changing nappies, the other for food prep I guess. There’s a paper towel and soap dispenser, a single chair so you can have a rest. One bin for nappies and general rubbish. Oh and a loo – just the one.

Change bench, two sinks, very basic

So decorating wise, it’s not that flash. But this room is more for a quick change before or after the movies. If you’re after a room where you can rest, bubby can play, and just some place with a few more extras then head upstairs into the shopping levels and check out those rooms.

A single office chair for feeding – do it in the movies instead

For feeding, it’s not well equipped at all. Just a single office chair next to the bin. I’d recommend feeding bubs in the darkness of the cinema – you’ll have more privacy there with the lights down than you will in this room. The upside of feeding in the cinema is you can watch whatever movie at the same time – win win!!

So for a cinema Parent Room, it’s okay. I had imagined it would just be a fold out table in a disabled toilet. Finding a stand alone room was quite a surprise. It needs a bit of work, but at least it is roomy and you can do what you need to in here. Just remember there are other rooms which are alot nicer and better equipped on the other levels of Westfield.