Newingtom NSW

Woolworths – Newington Marketplace, 1 Avenue of Americas, Newington NSW 2127

Overall:Bad. Dingy, dirty, dark. Nappy change only.
GoodPoints:The lock on the inside of the door. Signs directing you to the room.There is a baby change table. Nappy bins and soap dispenser. Disabledtoilet with assistance rails.
BadPoints: Thehallway is dimly lit, narrow and has a creepy vibe. The hallway androom is dirty and smelly. Filthy, broken wall mounted baby changetable. Budget crappy lock on the door, with directions drawn on thedoor in pen.

Fora fairly new shopping area in Sydney, I expected the baby changefacilities/parent room to be fairly decent. Maybe not superstarStockland quality, but still in pretty good condition. The homesaround the centre are newish, with more developments happening inNewington and Olympic Park, so I had expected a reasonable parentroom. Well, this is seriously manky!! 
Thesign on the front of the toilet door says ‘Disabled Toilets ParentsRoom’. There’s definitely a disabled toilet on the other side of thedoor, but it’s pretty optimistic to call it a Parents Room. It issoooooooo not that at all!! It’s a disabled toilet with a broken,grotty change table. The entire room is filthy from top to bottom.It’s badly lit, smelly, and creepy. I hated every second we were inthere.
Thelock on the door is seriously budget. It’s the type you see onregular toilet cubicles, not a big fat door. The damage around thedoor has me assuming this is not the first lock to be put on thisdoor. If anyone has tried to kick it down in the past, they wouldhave been very disappointed with the interior. 
Mybig recommendation, if you HAVE to use this parent room/disabledtoilet, is to BYO anti-bacterial hand gel, plus every otherhygiene/safety plus product imaginable.
Eventhe hallway leading down to this crusty place is horrid. As you facethe front entrance to Woolworths, the hallway is to the right, justpast the bakery. It’s a long, narrow hall, with harsh yet dimlighting, and you need to follow it around the corner to get to theparent room. But unless you really need to, like your little one istoilet training or you don’t have room in the car to change your babyon the seat, I’d highly recommend going somewhere…..anywhere else!You’re not going to be able to feed your little one in here anyway,so if it’s some quiet feeding time you’re after, then head to one ofthe fab parks over at Olympic Park and grab a spot under a leafytree. Sure you’ll be out in the open, but I’d pick that a thousandtimes over this disgusting place.